The CPLD Development kit based on Xilinx XC9572XL is a low cost evaluation platform for training,
      testing and developing designs based on the Xilinx 9500XL family of CPLD.
    The board contains the 1600 gate, 72 macro cells, 100 Pin XC9572XL CPLD with 72 user I/O’s.
    An on-board power supply includes 3.3V regulator, which regulates Vcc internal & Vcc I/O for the CPLD.
    A 40 MHz Crystal Oscillator provides clock source that is directly connected to GCK1 clock input on the 9572XL
    All user I/O pins are brought out of the 9572XL device.
    All the IOs connected to Burgstick  provided on board.
   JTAG programmer can be used  for programming the XC9572XL.
    The HDL code can easily be implemented using the Webpack software available on the Xilinx Website.

XILINX XC 9572 XL Based CPLD Project Board

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