Digital Timer Description

    PIC  Microcontroller based timer Display in 7 Segment with PBT Switches.
    Delay Types - On Delay , Off Delay, On Off Cyclic, Off On Cyclic, NEW Impulse timer Added.
    Timing Adjustable from 1sec - 9999 sec and 1 Min - 9999 Min.
•    Quick view option for delay type - timing press S2.
•    Power supply 230AC/50Hz.
    Input &Output Relay Contacts Connected to Terminal Block 10AVoltage - 230 AC/50Hz.
•    MAX Load - 250VAC / 5Amps.

How to connect Relay to 230vac Bulb

To use with 12 VDC use this image to Convert 230vac to 12 VDC with 2 jumpers

Universal Digital Timer

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