Stepping Card

•    Easily adjustable motor current (0A to 2A)
    Full and Half stepping mode
    Step and Direction inputs
    Synchronize when using multiple drivers
•    Enable input can be connected to ground to disable motor
    Connections via screw terminals

         The Stepper Motor Chopper Driver is a Bipolar Stepper Motor Drive with easily adjustable current control up to 2A and 20 kg, based on SGS-Thompson L297 and L298 stepper motor controller and driver IC's. Stepper motors are rated by current and not by voltage. A chopper driver because it is switching on and off current allows a set current to be fed to the coils and not be dependent on the voltage of the power supply. The Chopper Driver also allows for the use of higher voltage power supplies (up to 36V) overcoming the effects of the inductance of the coils giving better performance and a higher top speed.

Features Include

Bipolar Stepper Motor Drive

    Stepper Motor Drive requires Control Signals to Run which direction and to control speed , it requires controller circuit
    This Stepping card is used Ready to use to interface with Stepper drive
    Based on PIC 16f72 , Functions Forward - Reverse - Half Step - Full Step -
    Potentiometer to Control Speed
    All the Input / Output Connect to terminal Block

Note :   If Steppin Card required  use option checkbox  Product will be added for card (400/-)


Stepper Motor Drive - Max Load 20KG - 2Amps

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