RFID Reader NSK EDK - 125 -TTL

                  The NSK125 series RFID Proximity OEM Reader Module has a built-in antenna in minimized form factor. It is designed to work on the industry standard carrier frequency of 125 kHz.This LF reader module with an internal or an external antenna facilitates communication with Read-Only transponders—type UNIQUE or TK5530 via the air interface. The tag data is sent to the host systems via the wired communication interface with a protocol selected from the module Both TTl and Wiegand Protocol.The LF module is best suited for applications in Access Control,Time and Attendance, Asset Management, Handheld Readers,Immobilizers, and other RFID enabled applications.


•   Connect - 5 volts and GND
•   TX - TTL output Can be directly connected to Microcontroller ( To convert TTL to UART use Converter Board )
•   D0 & D1 - is used for Wiegand Protocol(This connection is not necessary if you are using TTL communication)


    Output- TTL or Wiegand26
•    Plug-and-Play, needs +5V to become a reader
•    Buzzer indicates tag reading operation
•    Compact size and cost-effective


NSK RFID Reader EDK - 125 TTL

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