Mini LPC2148 Board with USB flasher:

LPC2148 Development Board is a powerful development platform based on LPC2148 ARM7TDMI microcontroller with 512K on-chip memory. This board can also power up by USB connector and does not need any external power supply.  USB flasher is compact and easy-to-use device. By using USB flasher there is no need of manual switching the ISP button to low for entering into programming mode during Reset, this process will automatically done by USB flasher. The I/O pins on the microcontroller can be accessed from a male pin header. This direct access to I/O pins enables you to connect your own devices very easily to the processor.

Features :
   MCU: LPC2148 16/32 bit ARM7TDMI-S™ with 512K Bytes Program Flash, 42K Bytes RAM,
     USB 2.0, RTC, 10 bit ADC 2.44 uS, 2x UARTs, 2x I2C, SPI, 2x 32bit TIMERS, 6x PWM, 8x CCR,
     1x DAC, WDT, 5V tolerant I/O, up to 60MHz operation standard JTAG connector with ARM 2x10
     pin layout for programming/debugging with ARM-JTAG
•    USB connector.
•    Two channel RS232 interface (For direct connection to PC’s Serial port).
   two buttons Reset and ISP.
•    two status LEDs.
•    on board voltage regulator 3.3V with up to 800mA current.
•    single power supply: 12V AC or DC required.
   power supply LED.
   power supply filtering capacitor.
   RESET circuit with extreme control of Philips ISP utility via RS232.
   RESET button.
   12 Mhz crystal on socket.
   32 Khz crystal and RTC backup battery connector.
•    JTAG connector.
•    extension headers for all uC ports.

Mini LPC2148 Board with USB Flasher

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