• IOT Module  For Projects


This is an IOT Module based on ESP 8266 with Firmware Reloaded -  Used to do any Projects , This Module uses own server and access thru webserever and Android App   


  • Easy to setup  using webserver 
  • Option to create Project Title 
  • Easy to Integrate to any Microntrollers - Like arduino ,8051 , pic 
  •  Connection using Mobile  Hotspot   Option to 
  • No need of Extra GSm and GPS modules , Built in Code using your Hotspot Mobile we can Acess  SMS and GPS Location
  •  You can Connect 4 Relays to IOT Module Controlling Loads using  Android Appp 
  • Almost Fufulling your IOT Ideas  to Do projects  
  • Inbuilt  Regulated Power supply  
  • To Interface Microcontroller  - Tx and RX  Burg 

How to setup IOT Module Video steps .......

How to Use IOT Module some Easy steps 

  • While suppling IOT module ID will be loaded  That ID you can use for Hotspot username and password  EX  - iot21k2011
  • Using your Mobile  create hotspot  and make Username and password  as same ID
  • Using the same  ID  you can Loging to webserver page  and Android APP also  
  • As Shown  in the video setup whatever your sensor and GSM , GPS  .........
  • Once the module connected from Hotspot this will update Data ......

How to send Sensor Data using Arduino code - GSM Not used - Marked as Red is your IOT ID

  1. S1 -  sensor 1 data   - s5  upto sensor data 5  if not used  mention "NA"
  2. In this Code we used   only 1 sensor 


  Serial.print(TX);      ////      Here  use your sensor Variable  to update to server  -  Here TX used as Variable 









  Serial.println("&sms=NO&msg=NA#");    ////  Here we have not used GSM   So NO  and msg  NA

How to send SMS using IOT Module   - No sensors Data used here only sensoding SMS

   Serial.print("sensornewgsm.php?client=iot2k23010&s1=NA&s2=NA&s3=NA&s4=NA&s5=NA&sms=YES");    ///  here gsm enabled  sms=YES

  Serial.println("&msg=Test%20is%20a%20Message");      ////   %20  command used  for space   -  sms is  -  Test  message 


Once this  format is send to IOT Module - Module will send SMS from Hotspot Mobile  to  Mobile No mentioned in webserver ( 3 No )

Any Queries  use Whatsapp No  7259687103

IOT Module For Projects

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