Altera's Cyclone series EP1C3T144 board:

              •    The main chip: using Altera's Cyclone series EP1C3T144 , With 4 independent keys,

             •    Four digital tube: Learning digital static and dynamic scanning display technology.

             •    Can do electronic clock, frequency counter, counters and other experiments.

             •    Six LED lights: do flowing water lights and other lamp experiments, but also as a status display of a device.

             •    Eight-way DIP switch: used to make two-way or multi-channel digital logic circuit experiment

             •    Clock: Use 50MHZ active clock,

             •    Infrared receiver IC: receiver using VS1838 so doing infrared receiver experiment, scalable infrared remote control keypad.

             •    Temperature sensor DS18B20 Interface: Learning "bus line,1-Wire" communications, do thermometer,

             •    Buzzer: do experimental music accompaniment, alarm sounding and so on.

             •    Serial processing MAX232: This as synchronous and asynchronous serial communications level converter, d

             •    DS1302 clock modules: can be used to develop electronic clock, calendar with battery backup, s

             •    16-pin LCD interface

             •    FPGA configuration module: use a large-capacity memory chips EPCS4, boards with reconfiguration button.

             •    AS and JTAG download interface: You can download the program directly to the JTAG interface to the FPGA chip, or have the program downloaded to

                    the AS-interface memory chip, to achieve power-down data is not lost.

             •    IO expansion port: In addition to the development of the IO board module used, the card with pin leads 28 IO, can be extended to use other external devices.

FPGA CPLD USB Blaster programmer:

            •    Fully compatible with original Altera USB-Blaster.

             •    Supported target voltage : 2.0V-5.5V

             •    Support all ALTERA deveice.

             •    CPLD?MAX 3000A?MAX 7000A?MAX 7000B?MAX 7000S?MAX 9000?MAX 9000A and MAX II.

             •    FPGA?Stratix?Stratix II?Stratix GX?Cyclone?Cyclone II?Cyclone III?ACEX 1K?APEX II?APEX 20K?APEX 20KE?APEX 20KC?FLEX 10K?

                   FLEX 10KE?FLEX 10KA?FLEX 6000?FLEX 8000?

             •    Support?JTAG,AS,PSMode.

             •    Support NiosII embeded core based debug,?

             •    Supports Quartus II SignalTap® II Logic Analyzer (for logic analysis)

             •    High performance, 6 times faster than ByteBlasterII !!

             •    USB interface with status and Power LED.

Package Content:                   

                  1 x Cyclone Altera FPGA EP1C3T144 Development Learning Board

                  1 x USB Blaster JTAG programmer

                  1 x USB cable

Altera Cyclone II FPGA Mini

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